Friday, March 14, 2008

Research Opportunity

Here is an interesting internship that may run for a while: Acting as a resident Math Expert for a series on fairly low-level mathematics-based puzzles set to air on public television here in Maryland. Can you think of a better way to enter an interesting career path as an Expert right out of the box?

I am filing this as a research opportunity, although I think it is more of a fun thing to do and a good resume builder, especially for those of you who want to fill out your resume with serious activities of a more unusual flavor.

The only less-than-ideal thing about this internship is that it is unpaid. But I believe the bragging rights and networking (please excuse the pun) possibilities make a strong alternative form of payment. I will stay in contact with the person over there who sent me this. I definitely think this is quite interesting and wonder what else we could do for Maryland Public Television.... Ideas?

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