Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back again, eh?

Hello all again.

After a long hiatus, I decided to begin posting here again. There were reasons for the gap in attendance on my part. But I do notice that some posts are read long after their birthdate, and people do find their content useful. So I will start up again and continue to post on current events, mathematics issues, and department-related matters. For instance, we have started a Facebook group devoted to matters concerning the department. To see it, you will need FB access. Just do a search on our data.

Also new, we will again be changing the textbook for our course sequence 110.108-9 Calculus I-II (Eng. & Phys. Sci.). The author will be the same as the previous book (James Stewart), but we will be using the expanded version. When I get the ISBN, I will pass it along.

Talk to you soon.


Alex said...

oh god, 110.109--I hated that course. A (c-)-ish curve with Consani, never again! The book wasn't bad at all though. It explained everything just enough.

Richard Brown said...

Thanks for the comments. There is a place on the Mathematics Department website for specific comments about courses and such. Try here:

And incidentally, we will be tweaking the course text for 110.108-9. We will switch from the Essentials version of the calculus text to the expanded version. Same author and development, but a bit more comprehensive in treatment of material.