Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Sleeping; a good study tip?

Want to do better on your next math exam? Try sleeping well the night before. Easy right?

Apparently, cramming may not be the right approach to optimizing performance. This article in the Daily Telegraph today by Science Corrrespondent Richard Alleyne,

announces the results of a University of Pittsburgh study that says
a night of "high quality sleep" helps schoolchildren get better exam results - especially in maths.
Arguably, the study is small (56 students) and the article quotes another article from the Daily Telegraph who quotes the study. But the results make sense, at least from my perspective.

One caveat: The type of sleep most effective is not long in time, but restful in nature, with few if any awakenings or disturbances. However, knowing one has an exam the next day may be cause enough to make the sleep not so restful, no?

Still.... There is good advice in these results.

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