Thursday, September 10, 2009

Math in the Media - The Professional Take

Got an interesting email blast on a service offered by one of the professional organizations for mathematicians, the American Mathematical Society (AMS). The heads-up comes from Dr. Ellen Maycock, the Associate Executive Director of the AMS. An excerpt:
The American Mathematical Society would like to remind you of a special service we offer, Headlines & Deadlines for Students, providing email notification of mathematics news and of upcoming deadlines that are of special interest to both graduate and undergraduate students. These email notifications will be issued about once a month, and when there's special news. Imminent deadlines will be included in these emails, which will link to a web page that's a centralized source for information relevant to students and faculty advisors, at

We hope that you will share this email with the appropriate individuals in your department. It's not necessary to be a member of the AMS to sign up for this email service, at
I will add that the news items highlighted on this website may also be of interest to pure enthusiasts of this discipline (and not just students of the field). It's good stuff, and I will be highlighting at times some articles mentioned here. But for now, take a look and sign up if you want the email service.

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