Thursday, January 12, 2012

Employment Op: Business Intel and Math

People often ask me what kinds of jobs math majors can get other than science applications or as an actuary. Really, the answer is: All Kinds. Usually, one needs a good hook in an outside area to get into the interview. But then the analytical skill set of a mathematician can shine. However, sometimes recruiters simply understand well that someone skilled in mathematical analysis possesses the ability to learn most skills very quickly. These recruiters are willing to take a math major who can learn on the job, quickly and efficiently.

I just got this request from a recruiter. Read it and go for it. Sounds like an interesting career:

Thorogood Associates is currently recruiting college seniors for full time business intelligence consulting positions. We are contacting you, as the [Director of Undergraduate Studies] of the Mathematics Department, because we think you may know students that would be good candidates for this position.

As a business information consultancy, Thorogood helps its clients use their data to make better business decisions. Our work has both a business and technology aspect. We don’t necessarily look for education or experience in both of these areas but rather an interest and an aptitude that will allow a candidate to be successful in this type of work.

We are seeking candidates that have excellent problem solving skills, leadership qualities, and initiative. Candidates must be willing to take responsibility for the achievement of results, have self-confidence, and be energetic and friendly.

If you know of any students that have the qualities that would allow them to be successful in this position, please let them know about this opportunity. They can apply for this position via J-Connect. Applications are due on January 30th, 2012. We will be conducting on-campus interviews at JHU on February 7th, 2012. Any questions can be sent to

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