Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Math in the Media: Hot vs. Not

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After a long stretch, I will be back to blogging.  Sorry for the gap in communication.  So many things get in the way of so many things.....

Interesting data?  There are measures of IQ verses academic discipline, and there are measures of the the "hotness" value of an academic discipline (this one must stay on a relative scale, as most academic disciplines, as careers, are not really considered "hot" (compare an economist against a rock star at a cocktail party, for example.  Now compare the economist to the philosopher....))

But here is a way to compare IQ verses hotness for various academic disciplines.  A psychology-based blog entitled The Hardest Science, displays a way to "see" how the two measures of a discipline compare.  Silly, yes....  But interesting.

Math rocks in the IQ scale, not so much for hotness.  But together, they do say something....

The hotness-IQ tradeoff in academia



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