Thursday, August 14, 2014

Math in the Media: Finally!! A female Fields Medalist....

Well, I am back and in time for a new semester here at Hopkins.  And I am back with some very nice news. 

The next recipients of one of our field's top honors, the Fields Medal, includes Maryam Mirzakhani, an Iranian born mathematician at Stanford University.  She is a dynamicist (a mathematician whose field of study is dynamical systems) and the first woman to receive this prize since its inception in 1936.  She shares the prize this year (the prize is given out every four years) with three other mathematicians, listed in this article in the New York Times
Top Math Prize Has Its First Female Winner.
And while there should be nothing special about a woman receiving the prize (math is hardly a gender-specific endeavor), I do have sort of a glass-ceiling-breaking-moment feeling here.  Congratulations, Professor and Professors!  Here's to more outstanding math research.

And here is another nice write up of this event and her contributions to mathematics.

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