Friday, March 18, 2016

Math in the Media: The 2016 Abel Prize

Andrew Wiles, (well..., actually, Sir Andrew John Wiles), the British mathematician, currently at Oxford who is credited with solving the famous "Last Theorem" of Pierre de Fermat, has been awarded the 2016 Abel Prize for outstanding contributions to the field.  From the Abel Committee of the Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters, 
[t]he prize is meant to recognize contributions of extraordinary depth and influence to the mathematical sciences. Such work may have resolved fundamental problems, created powerful new techniques, introduced unifying principles or opened up major new fields of research. The intent is to award prizes over the course of time in a broad range of fields within the mathematical sciences.
One can easily say Professor Wiles is qualified, no? 

Congratulations, Professor!  Read up on this amazing accomplishment here:

Fermat's Last Theorem proof secures mathematics' top prize for Sir Andrew Wiles

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