Thursday, April 19, 2007

Awards 2007 - The Best of Us

As this academic year draws to a close, the Mathematics Department yesterday had its Spring Picnic. Among the festivities was a recognition of the service and achievements of our best performers over this last year and before. The awards this year went to:

J.J. Sylvester Award for Outstanding Achievement as an Undergraduate:

  • David Sher - will start graduate study in mathematics at Stanford University next fall.
  • Matthew Sedlock - will start graduate study in Applied Mathematics here at JHU next fall.

Excellence in Teaching for Junior Faculty

Excellence in Teaching for Teaching Assistants

William Kelso Morrill Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics

These people are being honored as our best and brightest. As a department, we thank them for their service and dedication to mathematics education here at JHU.


Anonymous said...

As a undergraduate math major at JHU, I find this blog very interesting.

Richard Brown said...

Thank you. I hope this is the case with other undergraduates, as well as our graduate students and others whose interests involve mathematics here at JHU.

Feel free to pass along the link to this blog to anyone you think may also be interested.