Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jobs Opps for seniors...?

Hey Majors (and especially you seniors....),

What are you thinking of doing after your stint here at Hopkins is done? While this question is rhetorical (for now), time flies when graduation approaches. I get many bits of information about opportunities at times. here are a few for you:

  1. The JHU Fall Career fair is next Wednesday. I haven't stopped in to one of these yet, but the list of participants has over a hundred companies and organizations. They wouldn't be there if they weren't interested in what you have to offer them. Give it a try.
  2. The National Bureau of Economic Research, in Cambridge, MA, has a need for full-time Research Assistants, one year positions starting in the summer, for students interested in a bit of research experience before starting graduate school in a quantitative field (not necessarily economics, mind you). Click on the image for a flyer. Nice place, the NBER. Seriously good place to stay for a year.
  3. The Quantitative Trading and Analysis program at Citigroup is looking for Almost Bachelors and Masters students in Mathematics who have an interest in Wall Street-type analysis. Here is a flyer for this one also. And Okay Kayaoglu, who graduated here last year, specifically mentioned that he is looking for Hopkins students.
  4. Campus Coordinator and Senior Hopkins student Nicholas Gilson has put out the call for Teach for America, a non-profit that places graduating seniors and graduate students in low-income classrooms for a two year stint to learn the art of teaching and give a bit to the world. It's a wonderful opportunity to take some time to adjust to life outside of college, and to enrich your life and credentials with valuable teaching experience. The next application deadline is in October. Give the website a look, and Nicholas an email if you are interested. Here is an article on the program.
I'll have others, I am sure. But these look like interesting leads, no? Happy life-getting! And talk to me if you want or need further information. if you are interested in the last item, I have Okay's email address.


Anonymous said...

You forget the National Security Agency. Its the world largest employer of mathematicians. I know many JHU math alumni who work there.

Richard Brown said...

Absolutely. I also have fellow graduate students from my days at Maryland that have careers there also. Apparently, it is a great place to work. I should post a piece exclusively on employment at the NSA. Good point.