Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Putnam Training

Ever try playing a competitive sport without a good training regimen already in place and in action for months before the game? Running a fun run without prepping for it for weeks beforehand? Take an exam without paying any attention to the material until the night before?

The Putnam Exam will arrive this December. If you are interested, now is the time to start prepping for it. The Mathematics Department, as well as the Mathematics Club here on campus, provides Putnam Training sessions designed to help you develop strategy and practice, getting you in shape for the "Big Game".

Sessions are currently scheduled for Wednesday evenings from 5pm-to-7pm. The will be run by Duncan Sinclair, an advanced PhD candidate here in our department. Training will focus on questions from old exams and the strategies for attacking them, as well as interactive discussions and scrimmaging. All are invited, whether you will take the exam or not, and all are encouraged to participate actively.

Contact me or Duncan directly (find our email addresses on the Mathematics Department website, or reply in this thread) if you are interested. if you are but cannot make the time slot for the sessions, Duncan will poll the interested group for alternative time slots and/or dates.

On to the games...!

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